List of essential equipment to be used in FBSB Training Programs.


Foam Rolling – Flexibility, Injury Prevention, & Recovery

For use in the Ferrante Baseball Foam Rolling section of the Program

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Jump Rope – Speed, Agility, & Endurance

For use with the Cardio section in the Ferrante Baseball Strength Program

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Baseball Bat Weight (Donut) – Bat Speed, Power, Forearm & Hand Strength

For use with ALL Ferrante Baseball Hitting Programs & Hitter Routines

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High Quality Woodies – For use to hitting lasers, missiles, and bombs!

High Quality Batting Tee – Tanner Tee

Used by me for years and by all MLB Teams! A must have for ALL ballplayers. Compact, portable, fits in your ball bag and will last for years!

Tanner Tees - Professional Hitting Aids