How To Get Out of Hitting Slump | Never Slump Again

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    Learn from former Pro Baseball Player, Vic Ferrante, about how to get out of a hitting slump. Also, learn how to NEVER SLUMP AGAIN.

    Here are notes from the video…

    1. Understand peaks and valleys
      1. High failure rate
      2. Minimal peaks, more valleys and warm zones
      3. Sustain peaks and warm zones as long as possible
      4. Minimize “valleys” and prevent “canyons”
    2. It’s Not About You
      1. Since you aren’t performing for yourself, play for your team and see what happens.
    3. Play the Game
      1. There’s more you can do than just hitting, read defense, lay down a bunt (ask coach first for his green light) etc..
      2. Play great defense
      3. Hustle on and off the field
      4. Keep your +energy up, feeling good and energized will lead to more hits.
      5. If you get on base, don’t miss your sign, be smart and work hard to take the extra bag, and score a run. That’s the game.
      6. Do whatever it takes to help the team win.
    4. Stop thinking Mechanics
      1. Simple approach, Be on time stay up the middle
      2. Over thinking just slows us down and hinders our abilities



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