How To Increase Velocity For Baseball Players

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100 mph fastballs are becoming increasingly common nowadays in the MLB, college ball, and all over the net young teenagers are throwing in the low to mid 90’s. I believe this is partly due to modern advancements in biomechanics, technology, injury prevention, and training.

We are simply evolving as athletes, coaches, and trainers.

We know more about the science behind what it takes to be a high velocity thrower, which makes throwing 90+ mph more and more realistic for modern day athletes.

It is clear there is an increased demand for flame throwers at every level and that throwing gas is one way to be a “sure thing” for a Division 1 scholarship or a top pick in the MLB Draft. It was for me.

I was drafted twice as a pitcher, signed a D1 letter of intent after my 1st year of JC, and that’s partly due to topping out at 94-96 mph on the mound. From the very first time I threw a baseball I threw harder than 99% of kids my age, lucky for me I had genetics on my side!

In order to maintain my powerful arm, I had to train my to be more powerful.

How did I do this?

If you are a player or coach reading this I am sure you’ve heard this over and over again, but I’ll say it again anyway, LONG TOSS! LONG TOSS! LONG TOSS!

Note: Almost all the young players I see, long toss INCORRECTLY. There are methods and strategies that when implemented into your routine will maximize the effectiveness and skyrocket your results!

To learn more about these methods and strategies, leave a comment below!

There has been much debate over the years about whether or not this is the best approach for building arm strength and velocity. Despite what the theories are, IT WORKED FOR ME!

SIDE NOTE: Every throwing partner I ever had, was forced into long tossing with me against their will! Needless to say, they ALWAYS showed increased velocity after only a few sessions with me.

But what if you’re not a pitcher?

FYI, long toss isn’t just for pitchers, position players should focus on building arm strength with long toss as well.

Why not be a TOTAL PACKAGE??

As a college coach and former pro of 10 years, I have seen many position players (amateur and pro) that DO NOT put work in to build their arm strength, leaving a large hole in their game. And ultimately hurting their chances of signing with a D1.

I personally spent hundreds if not thousands of hours over the course of my career working on my arm strength alone, and it showed! Before becoming a pro outfielder I was a 2-way player all through little league, high school, college, and even briefly in pro ball.

As a junior in high school my fastball was clocked in the low 90’s which got me drafted my senior year by the Houston Astros. By the time I was a sophomore in college I topped out at 96 mph and sat consistently at 91-94 mph. During my college years I was an outfielder and closer. When it comes to throwing the ball hard and far, I can honestly say I know a thing or two!

So what’s the secret?

How do you increase your velocity?

Here are my Top 5 tips to get you started..

1. BE MORE ATHLETIC! (Sprints, box jumps, burpees, etc…)

Throwing a baseball at a high velocity is an incredibly athletic and explosive movement that lasts less than a second. Simply put, the more athletic you are = more potential velocity.

2. TRAIN EXPLOSIVELY (heavy compound lifts, deadlifts, squats, chest presses, etc…)

Incorporating these heavy compound lifts into your workout routine will increase the explosive power necessary for high velocity throwers!

3. SPRINT LIKE HELL!! (Sprint full speed for longer distances and fully recover in between reps)

Same reasoning as #1

4. LONG TOSS!! (It’s important to progressively extend the time and distance with each session)

When done correctly and by itself, long toss can improve velocity, arm strength, and keep your arm healthy. But when combined with these other aspects, you will maximize your results.



Mechanics are also a critical element when it comes to high velocity throwing. These tips are just to help get you started.

For more info on a long tossing program, leave a comment down below or contact me via email:

If you’ve found this blog helpful or have any questions, please let me know!


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