How to Make the Best Keto Coffee

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If you are new to the Ketogenic lifestyle then you already know or have heard about Keto Coffee.

It’s my favorite Keto beverage, hands down!!

Essentially, it’s a cup of smooth, creamy, and FATTY awesomeness!

So if you haven’t added this Keto staple to your repertoire yet, I’m going to share with you my simple recipe for a Mean Mug of Keto Coffee!

First off, if you’re like I was before I started Keto, you may be a little hesitant to put butter in your coffee. Definitely sounded a bit weird at first.

All weirdness aside, there are loads of benefits from starting your day off with a cup, or maybe even two.

A true Ketogenic lifestyle means you’re getting 75-80% of your calories from fats. By incorporating a Keto Coffee every morning (or anytime) will get you a nice chunk of fats in to hit your macros for the day.

Other benefits include…

– Coconut oil provides a great source of energy for your body and brain as well as many other benefits.

– Helps put you into Ketosis (fat burning state)

– Grass Fed butter is high in omega 3’s and vitamin K2 compared to grain fed

(use Kerrygold, available at Costco, Walmart, and most other grocery stores)

Can aid in fat loss

– Has great taste without sugary creamers

– Improves brain health…etc


Coffee maker (ON a budget)

Coffee maker (NOT on a budget)

Blender (ON a budget)

Blender (NOT on a budget)

Giant Coffee Mug

Let’s do it…


30g Fat, 1g Carb, 0g Pro /Per Serving

1 tbs GRASS FED Kerrygold butter (I prefer salted, for taste. Unsalted is available)

1 tbs Organic COCONUT OIL (type I use has neutral flavor, NO coconut flavor, your preference)

3 tbs Organic HEAVY CREAM or HALF N HALF (get at your local grocers)

8-12 oz Organic COFFEE (your favorite brew)

Dash of Cinnamon (if desired)

(Use all Organic or grass-fed ingredients for greatest health benefits)

NOTE: I choose a Dark Roast for a bolder flavored finish. Light or medium roasts tend to lose the coffee taste once mixed with all the healthy fats. Your preference.

Add fats and coffee into blender and blend on medium-high till fully mixed 10-20 seconds.

You should have a nice layer of foam on top and a latte like consistency. Like this.

Give this recipe a try, and tweak to your liking if needed.

Pour in a giant man sized mug, sprinkle with cinnamon and enjoy!

Let me know what you think or share your own favorite recipe.

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Ryan · December 12, 2017 at 3:30 am

I’ve spent a lot of my life over the last few years trying to explain butter in coffee to people. The general consensus is that I’m just nuts, and maybe so.

    Hunger for Greatness · December 12, 2017 at 11:58 pm

    Guess we’ll both be drinking buttered coffee in the looney bin.

    Thanks for reading Ryan.

mwsrwritings · May 22, 2018 at 7:48 pm

Informative post. Thank you

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