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How Video Analysis Will Work

The video analysis process will consist of 1) you sending me video, 2) me performing an analysis with voice-over and markups, then 3) I will provide the video analysis to you as a link to an “unlisted” YouTube video on my channel. I will also provide all players with a personal GoogleDoc file where their video(s) will be stored along with practice plans, extra notes, comments, and links to outside content that may be helpful.


To begin the ONLINE video analysis process and once payment is complete, I will require video of the player’s swing. There are a couple ways to do this:

1. Email your video to


2. Create your own YouTube channel, upload your video as “unlisted”, then share the link with me. It’s really easy and having a library of videos is great to have, come college recruitment time.

Video Requirements for Best Results:

1. Face on view from opposite batters box, full body in view, and centered.






2. Video must be as short as possible, 1 full round of batting practice (5-8 swings), 1 in-game at-bat (good or bad result) to keep file size small for easy sending. YouTube upload option is best for longer videos 1-2 minutes or more.

3. Swings are preferred to be off of a moving ball, meaning NOT OFF the TEE. Underhand front-toss is acceptable and any other form of BP throwing or pitching machine.

**TEE SWINGS are acceptable if player’s only option**

4. Swings by the player must be with INTENT! In order for me to pinpoint REAL flaws in a swing, I need to see what is happening when the player is trying to hit the ball HARD! This is when most issues occur. So they MUST BE as GAME-LIKE as possible (if video is not actual game footage).

5. Smartphone videos are perfectly fine and most convenient.

6. After checkout is complete, email video to with “VIDEO ANALYSIS” as the subject line.

The analysis will be roughly 10-12 minutes in length. Once I complete the analysis, I will upload to my YouTube channel, “Ferrante Baseball”, as an “unlisted” video, then share with you the link for your viewing (video can be “public” on YouTube if you choose).

Practice Plan

The Analysis+Practice Plan option includes a 2-Week Practice Plan with list of hitting drills with number of sets and reps, also with links to videos of drill demonstrations, and which all can be done at HOME! The practice plan will be shared through the player’s very own personal GoogleDoc file which will include the video analysis, and available anytime!