How To ‘Flush’ Away Negativity

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The title of today’s Mental Minute is ‘Flush It’, and once again comes from the Daily Dominator by Brian Cain. If you’re interested in checking out this book,


Adversity is a necessary part of life, beating yourself up and having stinking thinking (negative self-talk) is not. When something does not go your way and you recognize yourself carrying a mental brick, you must have a mental release routine that you can turn to that will help you ‘flush’ the negativity.

Dr. Ken ravizza is the top applied sport psychology teacher in the country, a professor at Cal State Fullerton, Brian Cain’s mental conditioning mentor, used to put a flushing toilet bank in the dugouts and locker rooms of the team’s he worked with to serve as a visual reminder for the coaches and athletes to ‘flush’ the previous play and move on to the next play.

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What can you do to release your negative energy into flush it?

I recently heard that Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees, when he feels that he’s struggling at the plate or in the middle of an at-bat and negativity creeps in. He would call time and step out, grab some dirt, think about the negative thoughts and throw the dirt away as a visual of him actually flushing or throwing away those negative mental thoughts. So just something to think about. Find a strategy that works for you and helps you ‘Flush It’.


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