Baseball Training | Ages 7-12

My mission is to help youth players develop a solid foundation of fundamentals and learn the proper techniques while creating a fun learning environment. I provide young players a unique opportunity to take their game to the next level by sharing what I have learned from my 30 years in the game. Working with me, they will develop skills in every area of the game.

The areas covered for Youth players will include:

  • Hitting for consistent hard contact to all fields
  • Throwing to increase accuracy
  • Defensive skills, infield and outfield
  • Base-running
  • Intro to the mental game

For ages 7-12, I recommend starting with single 1 hour sessions or smaller training packages of multiple 1 hour sessions. I find anything less than an hour just isn’t enough time for younger athletes to grasp new concepts and apply them within that time. You or your athlete will get to select which area (listed above) they’d like to cover in each session. 

If you are interested in working with me, please reach out through my contact info below and give me a follow on social media.

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